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With over 20 years of excellence in the field of Intellectual Property Protection (IPR); Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and other areas of Law, we are confident of our services to the clients.

Protection of Trademarks/Service Marks

Mark is any visible sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from others. They can be distinctive words, marks, features or the combination of words, letters, symbols etc. Protection of Trademarks/service marks in Bhutan is provided by registration and remedies claimable in case of infringement.

Protection of Invention (Patent)

Patent is the title granted by the government to protect an invention. An invention may be or may relate to a product or a process or it is a right granted to a person that has invented a useful article or that has improved upon the existing one to a new article or the products.

Protection of Industrial Design

Industrial Design is the appearance of a product. It may be of lines or colors or any three- dimensional form or material, particular shape etc. It is especially for brand development and sales. It may also be used to improve the products marketability and production.

Copyright Protection

Copyright is a right to do. It protects literary and artistic "works" of human intellect. National laws grant the copyright owners their "exclusive rights" to use the work or to authorize others to use their work.

Domain Name System(DNS)

A domain name is an internet identity, unique to the owner. Domain Name System (DNS) was developed to know every computer connected to the internet has its own identity. It’s like a telephone or mobile number to be identified easily. People buy domain names to protect their identity and register it to legalize the use.

Due Diligence

It can be understood as an investigation, a research and analysis of an entity or an individual, including the legal bases of transaction like contract, loans, property, and employment, verifying the financial information provided and to assess the underlying performances of the business.


Litigation is a final remedy to a dispute between the parties or a contest in a Court of law where a judge gives decision after hearing of the parties. Parties may therefore, represent the case themselves or hire the services of law firm or the advocate to make a race in the court of law.

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

a) Arbitration: It is process of dispute settlement by a neutral thirty party, an arbitrator or arbitrator (s), whose decision is binding to the parties. The situation in this case, would be Winner-Looser.
b) Mediation: It is a voluntary and non-confrontational process in which parties make decisions engaging the assistance of a neutral person called the mediator without going to the court and both the parties would be in a Win-Win situation.

Tax Filing, Financial

This include Corporate and business Income Tax preparation, filing, Profit loss and account, advice on new office set up, business proposal write-ups, internal audit etc.

Other Laws

We also service in Business law, Family law, Employment law, Insurance law, Tax law, Commercial & Corporate law and so on.

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