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About Us

We are the combined brains, unity in spirit, professionally equipped to handle matters in the area clients come before us to resolve their differences, seek advice, ask assistance and we prepare them mentally to face situations in life and circumstances. We are known publicly when legally established on 30 June 1996 as the first law firm in Bhutan. Since then, successfully confronted challenges then to date. We are known nationally and globally by companies and law firms, big or small. We have maintained the image of trust and fairness with everyone seen before us. We are in the heart of the city. Passers-by eye us as the well-known law firm that serves with humility, guaranteeing interests and requirements.


Our mission is to fulfil the task timely, and professionally that comes before us in trust and confidence. We say and do that their most excellent service to the clients.


We follow values guided by sincerity, truth, and corrupt-free practices. Lawyers know what the rule of law is, good and evil, and proper discernment. We follow principles to make things happen at the right time and moment.

Our Membership

Justinian Lawyers

Association of European Lawyers' Network

Asian Patent Attorneys Association

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a) We prioritize Work from a list of Works.
b) We are consistently involved until we achieve good results, productivity, and the best outcome
c) We believe in teamwork, or two or more heads are better than one
d) We believe that a leader is a model for others to take responsibility
e) We believe in serving in humility and being served with dignity
f) We believe the mistake is a human error and we learn from the mistakes and see improved action.

"ignorance of law cannot be excused but ignorance of fact can be excused".